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Expo 2019


Our Project:

Filtering Water Through Biomimicry of Clams

By mimicking the cilia and gill plates found in clams which filter water,  our product will be able to filter out harmful dissolved pollutants in water. We are currently in the stages of planning out how we will implement our product into a real life filter, and what the scale of our filter will be. We are in contact with experts and are dedicating multiple hours a day towards researching clam filtration.

About Us

We are a class of sophomores in the Academy of Digital Arts at Pomperaug High School. We have divided ourselves into various groups and have each been assigned with specific areas to work on in the project. Our independent research alone totals over 50 hours. Over time, we plan to advance our idea into a working prototype, and market our idea. We are actively looking for mentors to assist us on our journey towards EXPO 2019.


"This idea is good, this could work"

Matthew Leegwater


Contact Us

234 Judd Rd, Southbury, CT

Instagram: clamexpo2019

Twitter: @clamexpo

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